AI Driven Affiliate Business

Income Generation Machine Is Not A Dream, It Exists In Reality.

I am introducing you to an amazing platform which can create an ongoing income for you.

Potential of this platform is $10 to $500 per day

Before I get into the topic of AI driven "Automated Income Generation Method", I will share the snapshot of my income statement.

#1 This is my investment and returns report

Advertising Budget is the amount I invested on my affiliate business promotion. Total Amount Spent is $94.59 and my Cashback (earnings) is $144.76. If you read carefully, my returns are more then my investment i.e 70.79% Profit.

#2 This is an example of sales generating above Cashback

Following is an example of the list of sales driving my Cashback (earnings shown in above section). The section I highlighted in blue are my earnings on affiliate sales.

Deduction is the portion of commission goes to the company for using their automated platform for driving affiliate sales. My Cashback is not impacted by Deduction.

For example:

There is an affiliate sale made for KIWI.COM for $249.00

Affiliate commission generated is 3% i.e. $249 X 3% = $7.47

I earn 55% of affiliate commission i.e. $4.11

How Does Automated Affiliate Marketing Business Work

The automation I am using is fully configured to drive affiliate sales. Following are the list of activities this platform take care.

  1. Keyword research

  2. Market trend analysis

  3. Find the products at the cheapest price with the maximum cashback offer

  4. Buys high-quality advertising

  5. Targeted the potential customers

  6. Optimum utilization of Ad money

  7. Tie-up with over 20,000 companies and aggregator sites

What do I do ? If end-to-end process is automated.

Answer to above question is "Maintain Ad Budget", that's it.

Best part of AI driven automated sales is no manual intervention in Keyword research, Trend analysis, Pick-up cheapest product with maximum cashback, targeting the right audience, Need not to run around the companies to get their affiliate program approval etc.. I just maintain Ad budget and rest is taken care.

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