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We established a virtual entrepreneurship program, which offers a guided entrepreneurship training format to those aspirants who are ambitious starting a business but lack the direction. Through this program, you learn the step-by-step process of starting a business with confidence.

How To Start A Business

Traditional Business Vs. 21st Century Business

Do you know there are two types of business models?

First one is a conventional business model which needs a Business licence, Branding, Premises for set-up, Inventory to sell, Manpower to run, Marketing, Vendors for supply, Cash flow for running daily activities and above all a big chunk of initial Investment. These are few thing on a quick note. The list of requirements will be huge and complex while planning a business.

Second business model is technology driven with minimum overheads, minimum risk and maximum returns. Hope you have started guessing the business names? Here are few names to hint you: Uber, airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook.

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How To Start A Business Risk Free?

Companies like Facebook, Uber, Amazon, airbnb has created an online platform where they connect seller and buyer. For example, Uber is the largest cab service provide in the world and yet they don't own a single cab in their fleet. Isn't that Amazing ?

Do you have time and money to create a platform like Amazon or Uber? Even if you create one, do you know how to make them operational ?

Even thought there is no inventory to deal with, these companies invests a lot of money on back-office to maintain the operations.

What if we tell you that there is a smarter way to start a business where back-office operations are also taken care?

Our online program will guide you step-by-step on how to start a business without much risk and investment. Everything you need to start a business is ready to use. You have to learn how to put them together.

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We will help you launch your business in 7 days.

In 7 days core run you will learn end to end process of how to start a business from scratch.

Our program is not like those text book lessons where you learn lot of theory and no practical exposure.

Steps to enroll in our program:

> Click on the link and drop your details

> There will be an initial assessment round to check if you fit into our program

> If you get selected, you will get some assignments and online training

> There will be a mentor to help you progress